Kristina Wiessner portrait profile by Patrice van Malder
© Patrice van Malder

I am a graduate graphic designer and illustrator with German roots.

Since 2010 I live in Paris, where I work as a freelancer. My portfolio includes various creations such as illustrations (manual & digital), logos, brochures, and books up to websites.


I also work in collaboration with the French fashion photographer Patrice van Malder – I actively and creatively support him during his fashion shoots and then we carry out the high-end retouching  together. It is an extremely inspiring teamwork.

Furthermore,  I am working for the German television channel WDR since 2009 and regularly travel between Paris and Cologne.

In 2017, I discovered my passion for pattern-design when the Japanese sportswear company DESCENTE LTD. hired me to create illustrations for its brand LE COQ SPORTIF – for the cycling and golf collections of SS2018, FW2018 and FW2019. Since then I am creating my own pattern designs.

I am excited about the diversity of my work and am happy to share my passion for creativity with every client.

Kristina Wiessner

since 2015 - independent graphic designer & illustrator
since 2012 - collaboration with Patrice van Malder
since 2009 - freelancer for WDR

2011 - diploma of communication design at the PBSA in Düsseldorf, Germany
2010 - internship at the design studio of Cheeri in Paris
2009 - internship at the studio of Philippe Apeloig in Paris
2008 - semester abroad at the ISBA, School of Art in Besançon, France


manual illustrations (watercolour, ink, acrylic, pastel, polychrome,...), digital illustrations (vector, animated gifs…), pattern design (placed, allover), print media (books, catalogues, brochures, posters, flyers, business cards, letterheads,...), cards for festive occasions (e.g. wedding cards), logo design, websites (with website-builder), high-end photo retouching, and 2D-animations and other…


Château de Menthon, at the lake of Annecy, France
Barbara Baumel, fashion editor and photo stylist, France
Dr. Eric Auclair, plastic surgeon in Paris, France
Descente Ltd. – Le Coq Sportif, sportswear and accessories, Japan
Orfgen Marketing, advertising agency in Essen, Germany
WDR (German television channel Westdeutscher Rundfunk) in Cologne, Germany
E-Files, French-American group of translators, editors and journalists
Viktor Lazlo, French singer, actress and writer

LA, French singer-songwriter and composer