zoodiac jungle
free project

This animation is about the origin of our powerful mother nature with all its mysteries. A work that emerged from my passion for astrology and for the creative power of our subconscious. Feel free to interpret!

JOHO magazine
free project

A new year greeting I animated for JOHO magazine. JOHO is a magazine of high jewelry in Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, published semi-annually. The content of the animation refers to the 19th issue of the magazine of November 2021. That issue was themed "to the summit", with the cover of a skier dressed in yellow on the beach.


This animation was a happy greeting for their clients and partners and also published on their Instagram-Account. Their message: Let yourself slide to the top! (original format 1080 x 1080p)

LA – underground girl
free project

New year greetings I created for the year of 2022 with its special number-combination. I was inspired by numerology, where number repetitions play an important role. The 2 is the number of duality, cooperation, harmony and balance. Three times this special 2 - this can only become magical!

(original format 1080 x 1080p)

LA – underground girl
free project

An 2D-animation I realized from the idea, design, animation up to the music. The theme ist about: #strongwomen #moderntimes #technology #womenmovingforward #robotic #modernworld #visionarywoman # romanticgirl #femmefatale #fashiontoday #timelessfashion

LA – underground girl
free project

LA – underground girl
lyric video

A lyric video I realized for the singer-songwriter LA. The song is about a girl who works very hard to make it into the limelight one day.


To listen and to buy on: http://hyperurl.co/undergroundgirl

(Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal)


Singer / Songwriter / Composer: LA

Arranger: Alexandre de Boursac

Mix: Matthieu Noé

Mastering: Alex Gopher

Photo: Patrice Van Malder

Graphics / Video: Kristina Wiessner

Management: Creezy Courtoy

6 animated gifs

Six animated gifs of cats and dogs for the new website of DOKAS – a German producer of high-quality dog and cat food. Conception and realisation of the website by Orfgen Marketing in Essen, Germany.

happy wishes
animated gifs

neon white tv
opening titles

Five opening titles for NeonWhite TV I created. NeonWhite is a German series of interviews in which successful women and experts answer questions about various areas of life (love, career, goodies, finances and wellness). Founder and chief creative director : Cornelia Frentz