chateau de menthon
french castle of savoy

Castle at the lake of Annecy. Its history dates back to the 10th century and since then still belongs to the same family – one of the most ancient families of France.


The current generation has opened the castle to an even larger public and every year expands its cultural offer. In addition to guided tours, the Menthon family organises medieval pageants, theatre performances, lectures and more. They also offer a ballroom for rent for festivities such as wedding.

Since 2018, the castle has a permaculture vegetable garden, which is still growing,  beehives and is strongly committed to sustainability. In addition, the castle is replanting its former vineyards (1730-1930) for bio-dynamic viticulture and offers annual conference cycles on all these themes.


I am realizing the supports for the different events – from the logo, over the website design, flyers, posters, books up to different products for the castle shop.

book – Château de Menthon

A book about the Castle of Menthon Saint Bernard: its history (region, construction and the Menthon family) up to the recent permaculture projects of a vegetable garden and the restoration of the old Menthon vineyards – an example of cultivation in harmony with nature.

The book also includes a castle tour guide - from the medieval courtyard, the chapel, the kitchen, the library and the great hall up to the oratory of Saint Bernard and the bedrooms of the count and countess.


64 pages, 297 x 210 mm

available in the castle boutique

logo and blazon

Logo design for the castle with its variations and vector drawing of the castle's blazon. The logo is a reduced version of the castle itself, revealing the characteristic features of the numerous towers.

Besides the main logo, set in blue – as the main colour of the castle–, there are also the red logo of the association "Amis du château" (friends of the castle – an association to support projects of conservation, restoration and protection of the castle), and the green logo for the vegetable garden "le potager du château".


The blazon is a simplified digital realisation of the original one, gaining more contrast – mainly used for articles of the castle boutique.

colouring book

A colouring book with motives of the castle: as the countess and her bedroom, the historical figure of Saint Bernard, the stone statue of the cook from the castle kitchen, as well as a knight from the medieval courtyard, the peacock from the castle garden, and of course the castle mascot – the St. Bernard dog.


12 pages, 210 × 297 mm, black china ink, cover digitally coloured

available in the castle boutique

book – René de Menthon

A book about René de Menthon (1833-1917), artist, poet, visionary and one of the key figures in the history of Menthon Castle.
René was the one who gave the castle its romantic look, thanks to the extensive construction works, which he began in 1882. He added for example turrets and bell towers, neo-Gothic gargoyles, half-timbered architecture or a new chapel.
René also brought modern progress into the castle, with running water and a central heating system – a luxury for the time.
With this book, his two great-grandchildren, Maurice and Pierre-Henri de Menthon, pay homage to their great-grandfather on the occasion of the centenary of his passing.


40 pages, 210 x 297 mm

available in the castle boutique


Leaflet of six pages, containing the main information about the castle, in French and in English: shortcut of the castle's history and family, events and contact information.


6 pages, 441 x 210 mm open format, 148 x 210 mm closed format


Design and realisation of the website The website contains eight pages: home, the castle, practical information, receptions/events, center for nature, press, contact and legal information.


The administration of the website is currently in the hands of the castle.