le coq sportif (descente ltd.) , japan
FW 2018 : fabric design "paysage"

Illustration "PAYSAGE: LES PYRÉNÉES" and patch design for the brand "Le Coq Sportif" of DESCENTE LTD. (Japanese sports clothing and accessories company).


The illustration is based on the circuit of Tour de France – the toughest section of the race track leads through the Pyrenees with its high peaks to climb. One of the most famous ones is the Tourmalet with its particularly steep and winding road – up to its mountain pass at 2115m.

For this illustration I got inspired by classic maps and more modern devices such as Google earth. Than I reduced it to simple lines, keeping the most characteristic properties of this mountain landscape and the mountain pass Col du Tourmalet.

le coq sportif (descente ltd.) , japan
SS 2018 : fabric design "line art"

Illustration "LINE ART: LES CHAMPS DE PARIS" and logo design for the brand "Le Coq Sportif" of DESCENTE LTD. (Japanese sports clothing and accessories company).

The illustration is based on the structure of the 16th arrondissement of Paris. This arrondissement (or urban district) is probably the most important one for main sport events – as the arrival of the Tour de France on the Champs Élysées, the French Open "Roland Garros", or the Paris Marathon (whereof nearly 14km are running through).

The "16th" is also known for beeing very "chic". And here is where LVMH opened its museum "Fondation LVMH" in 2014.

So in the illustration you can find the wide avenue of the Champs-Élysées in the North, bordered by trees, and the "place d’Étoiles" (today place Charles-de-Gaule), raying into the city with its 12 avenues. The foundation of LVMH (which in fact is placed in the "Bois de Boulgne" in the East), with its beautiful sails. The sports grounds of the French Open "Roland Garros" in the South with its main tennis court surrounded by nature.

The city of Paris is always in movement. Lines seemed a perfect way to reflect that dynamic. And its architecture is particularly beautiful and homogeneous. So I wanted to reflect that harmony in my artwork, creating a balance between all lines and forms.

medical illustration

A series of medical illustration for the French plastic surgeon Dr.Éric Auclair in Paris, to explain his technique of a composite breast augmentation and to show the faults to avoid.

Illustration for ORFGEN, an advertising agency in Essen, Germany. The task was to create a mural for their new office – a mural that represents the agency itself in its region, the Ruhr area, and its city, Essen. The title "Ruhrpott" means "Ruhr area" in the local dialekt. 250 x 200 cm

pop-art : wedding party invitation

A colouring book for and about the castle of Chateau de Menthon, at the lake of Annecy, France (for sale in the castle boutique).

12 pages, 210 × 297 mm, black china ink, cover digitally coloured

pop-art : wedding party invitation

An invitation to a very special mariage party, telling the love story of the bridal couple Marie & René, from the very first time they met, until the date of the mariage party. (Names and all information are changed and integrally fictitious.)

12 pages, 148 × 210 mm, black china ink, digitally coloured

6 animated gifs

Six animated gifs of cats and dogs for the new website of DOKAS – a German producer of high-quality dog and cat food. Conception and realisation of the website by Orfgen Marketing in Essen, Germany.

free project

4 of 6 illustration which I draw to accampony the poems of the psychoanalyst Victoria Corbasson. While the poems were written in a language, which only the author himself could completely understand, I listened to my intuition and feelings which aroused, while I was reading and drawing.

210 × 297 mm, black china ink, digitally coloured

free project

5 of 7 illustrations of a free project, where I created animals as robots.

210 × 297 mm, china ink, hand-coloured