le coq sportif japan
Le coq sportif japan, descente ltd, cycling
nature inspired
nature inspired pattern, wild clematis
graphic style
graphic style pattern, golden lozenge

different projects
orfgen`s ruhrpott
Orfgen marketing; illustration Ruhrpott
dr. eric auclair
Dr. Auclair, plastic surgeon; medical illustration, preosthesis
Dokas, six animated illustrations; cats and dogs

chateau de menthon
Castle of Menthon; colouring book
le cedre rouge . panac
Panac (le cedre rouge); illustration of sofa collection
one story
One Story: wedding invitation

photo illustration
P+K fashion collab

Cosely working together with the fashion photographer Patrice van Malder (as his assistant and postproduction partner), I get very inspired by his pictures – they stimulate me to combine my passion for illustration with his beautiful photography artwork. So the name P&K simply stands for PATRICE & KRISTINA.

With each of his photos I spontaneously have an illustrative vision. I am driven by the desire to intensify the power of expression of his motifs and to highlight the beauty and strength of the women in his pictures.

pastel paintings

aquarelle art

indian ink illustration

ink and color (marker pen . digital)

digital creations

comic style